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After many years on WordPress, I'm now hosting my blog over on All my posts here on WordPress will be ported over, if they haven't already. So, for a low-bandwith ad-free browsing experience, come join me over at my new home.

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Montreal’s Fastest Transit?

You can now read this post in full here on my website. This year, and also in 2019, Montreal piloted a boat service from its Old Port in the city centre out to Pointe-aux-Trembles in the East of the island. Coming from London where we have a similar service along the Thames, it made me... Continue Reading →

State of the iPhone 2021

You can now read this post in full here on my website. Introduction I started writing this blog post months ago, with the intention of getting it finished in time for Apple’s next iPhone event, which it now happens is in a few days. In this post, I wanted to reflect on the experience of... Continue Reading →

The Montreal Lowline

This post and its associated photos are around two years old, but remarkably little has changed along the route. I wasn’t able to find the time and to finish it off until now, but better late than never! This is also the first of a three-part series. In the second part, we’ll move our focus... Continue Reading →

iOS 14

It's here! Now we all have iOS 14 on our devices (albeit quite suddenly) and as a follow-up from my ramblings back in July on the state of the iOS Jailbreak scene, I wanted to look back and see if my wish-list for this release was fulfilled. Also, I want to answer the following question: Do... Continue Reading →

Working from Home

One of my guilty pleasures is looking at pictures of other people’s desk setups. You’d think this would be a niche activity, but you’d also be surprised how many blogs and sites have features like this. In this post, I want to focus on the physical infrastructure of the home working environment: The desk and... Continue Reading →

If Wishes Were Jailbreaks

Tradition dictates I need to write about my hopes and wishes for iOS on the eve of WWDC. Tradition dictates I also write this at the eleventh hour, so this year is no different in that regard. But, I wanted to combine my yearly iOS feature wish list with features already available on iOS if... Continue Reading →


Montreal to London… via Paris! In the effort to save a few £/$/€, it's possible to take a convoluted route between these two points on the map. In this post, join me as I travel from my current home neighbourhood in the East of Montreal to my original home in the suburbs of North London…... Continue Reading →

The Price of Upgrading to Catalina

So, time to upgrade to Catalina… or is it? I usually get excited about the yearly Apple update cycle, but this year has left me cautious. Let’s look at why you might want to hold off on hitting the upgrade button. Safari 13 Extensions Safari 13 is a nice update to the stock web browser.... Continue Reading →

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