Canada by Numbers

“How much of Canada can someone see in a week?”

Canada is a big country, especially when compared to the small but dense island I come from. That didn’t stop thingomy and I rising to the challenge.
Over the course of a crazy 7 days, we packed in Niagra, Toronto, Montréal and the city of Québec. All this, and the weather still wasn’t on our side.
If you’ve never been to Canada, allow me to take you on a quick tour…

Niagra: A mini Las Vegas with hotels, casinos and a giant water feature.

Toronto: Canada’s answer to London. Big, clean and visually impressive. For some reason, the citizens seem to think they’re American instead of Canadian.

Montréal: Since I live here, I’m biased.

Québec City: Stunning architecture. It’s like someone took an old and beautiful European city, and air lifted it to Canada. It seems so out of place in this country, yet perfectly suited to be the capital of what was once New France.

I definitely want to return to Toronto and visit it properly in the near future. It seems like the kind of city where you have to scratch beneath the surface to discover its true essence, which is pretty much how my home town of London is.
Of course, for me, Montréal wins out. It’s Canada’s best kept secret, and I think the people of Montréal would like to keep it that way.

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