Storm Of The Decade?

A couple of days ago, Montreal got hit by a breathtaking amount of snow. Within 24 hours, 45cm of snow fell breaking a record that was set back in 1971.
Montreal is no stranger to snow, but this much in one go took the city by surprise. The authorities are estimating it will take up to 9 days to clear it all up.
Having grown up in England, I’d never witnessed a white Christmas before I came to Canada. The last few days however have definitely made up that void in my life.
I also made a video of the storm from the warm comfort of my office, to show off its ferocity.
Below is what greeted me as I stepped out of my flat on Thursday morning.

Montreal’s outdoor steps make the city look pretty, but they’re not very sensible!
Looks scenic.
It doesn’t show, but this is a blizzard raging.
My girlfriend took this photo later in the day. Could it be, Montreal is now a car-free city?

After spending the evening hiding in the cinema, we decided to walk home from the Metro station rather than taking the bus. Now that the snow had stopped falling, it was really possible to see how much of it there was.
There’s a church just opposite Laurier Metro station.
Snowy alleyway in the Laurier neighbourhood.
Looking North.
No understatement to say that Laurier Park is buried.
Any more snow, and the owner of this bicycle is going to have a hard time locating it.

On Friday morning, the state of things hadn’t improved much. The pavement outside my flat was more like a trench of snow.

No running for the bus today!

In case you’re feeling cold now, I promise that the next few blog posts will be about things that happened during non-Winter seasons.


6 thoughts on “Storm Of The Decade?

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  1. I seem to remember that the last couple of years we've had a white Christmas in London. Not this year though.

    It's never been anything like as deep as in your photos though. Looks really pretty.

  2. The snow doesn't seem to be causing too much of a problem, although as of today they're still only half way through clearing the city. I have to say, it's a pain having to wade through the trenches of snow on the pavements.

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