Terrebonne and The Night Of The Supermoon

Back before Montreal’s infamously tropical summer kicked in, and long before its Winter came along, there was the evening of the supermoon. On that evening, we took a trip to Terrebonne. A suburb of Montreal and a town in its own right, Terrebonne has managed to keep its charming old town alive whilst the usual suburban sprawl claimed the land around it.

Connected to the town centre, is a park on an island. Sadly, like much of Canada, you’ll need a car to reach Terrebonne (at least until the new commuter rail line opens).

Welcome to Terrebonne. Lots of houses and cosy restaurants.

Oh look, a lake!

What would a park in Quebec be without abstract sculptures?

The supermoon in the distance.


The sunset looked impressive over the lake.

Looks like a peaceful place to live.



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