The Lost Thesis

In my final year at university, I was fortunate enough to be able to undertake a really cool dissertation topic.

The thesis I produced was called “Financial Music”. It explored methods for turning financial account sheets into music.

A couple of years after I graduated, I wanted to tidy it up a bit and upload it to my website.

But, in a moment of sheer bad luck, my flat in London was burgled. They took anything of value that I owned, and as a result I lost all my data, including my backup drive which was stupidly placed right next to my Mac Mini.

With burglary in London being so rife at the time, the Police weren’t able to do much to help me aside from suggest I claim on my insurance.

Of course, no insurance can help to recover lost data, and so all that I had left of those months of effort was a printed copy.

Then recently, thanks to a kind person at my university’s Computer Science department, they were able to comb their archives for the CD I’d submitted with my dissertation, and email me everything.

At last I’ve been able to fix those last few mistakes and reprocess the LaTeX source into a shiny PDF, which now lives on my website.

Edit: I’ve also uploaded the entire source, because why not? [31st Dec 2015]

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