The Great Urban Caving Experiment

I’m often telling my friends back home about the wonders of Montreal’s underground city. The RÉSO (as it’s known ‘round these parts) is quite possibly the largest subterranean city in the world, and a gargantuan maze which provides shelter from the harsh Canadian winters above. Some may refer to it as the world’s biggest shopping mall, or worse still, as the most sizeable food court in the history of humanity.

But, I think it’s quite cool.

So cool in fact, that I’m going to do a little experiment. This Thursday for the entire day I will remain entirely underground, resisting the temptations above whilst exploring the labyrinth beneath.

Like all mildly ridiculous experiments, rules are required:

  1. Once ducking underground in the morning, no emerging above ground until the evening.
  2. No exposure to fresh air, unless travelling an official route through the underground city which requires going outside momentarily. For example, the route connecting Windsor Station to the Bell Center is OK. Taking a shortcut over Mont Royal is not.
  3. It is allowed (and even encouraged) to utilise the Métro to visit disconnected parts of the Underground City, even if they’re not officially part of the RÉSO.
  4. Any activity is fine, so long as it doesn’t involve going outside. Even thinking about the outside is probably against the rules, and is therefore also a forbidden activity.

So, I may be in danger of dying due to boredom, but at least I won’t risk dying of cold. Oh, and I’ll be tweeting my adventure on my Twitter account.

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