Notes on Migration from Blogger to WordPress

Hello WordPress!

So, finally it was time to leave Blogger and come over here, something people had been recommending I do for at least 18 months.

So, what were the reasons Blogger was making me grumpy?

  • The web interface was cumbersome.
  • The iPhone app was good for little more than posting text.
  • Not much in the way of third party app support.
  • Google don’t look to be actively supporting it anymore.

I’d been put off migrating in the past by the daunting prospect of moving my content over from Blogger. Thankfully, the architects of WordPress provide a tool to automate the process. It’s not without it’s gotchas though, and I ran into a couple.

Working Out How To Export From Blogger

The migration instructions over on WordPress seem a little outdated. Google now have a special tool for exporting which they call “migrate”. The tool will let you export data from all of your Google apps, but you just need to select Blogger.

Your exported blog comes in a zip file, wherein there’s an atom file. That’s what you need for WordPress. After that, just use WordPress’ import tool and that should be it, assuming you don’t run into any complications.

Blank Blog Entries

Following my first import attempt, I discovered four of my older blog entries were completely blank, aside from the title.

After some head scratching and some fruitless Googling, I thought about what all four blog posts had in common, and how they differed from the ones which imported successfully. What I realised is that those posts had embedded Google maps in them.

Returning back to those entries and editing them with Blogger to remove the embedded maps, I then did a fresh export. Back in WordPress I wiped all the imported blog entries from the previous attempt and then did a fresh import. Et, voilà!

Worth it all as a one-off headache to end up here methinks.

Edit (2014-12-24) – I’ve closed down the old Blogger blog now, to prevent duplication of the various blog posts which predate this. This was the farewell message (the only Blogger entry not ported over to WordPress):


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