Workflow as a Bandage for Another App

Yes, I’m still raving about Workflow. As a testimony to its flexibility, I was able to use it fix some missing functionality in Stache, another app I’ve recently discovered.

The problem is that Stache is meant to provide a share sheet extension to store the current web page. For some reason, this works in Safari, and even in some other apps. However, in Chrome the button doesn’t show. This is annoying if you use Chrome as your main browser, as you then have to manually open the app and paste in the URL (or use LaunchCenter Pro to automate this).

However, thanks to Workflow I was able to create my own share sheet extension to do this in Chrome. You can grab it here.

It says something amazing about an app when you can use it to fix the limitations of another app, whilst still remaining sandboxed in Apple’s walled garden.

Update: Yes, I know I misspelt “Stache” as “Stash” in the workflow name 😦 Sadly, there’s no way to edit a workflow one it’s been submitted to the gallery. I’ll chalk this one up to experience.

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