Supermoon Eclipse!

So, whilst most people I knew where attempting to take photos of last night’s eclipse with a phone camera, I thought I’d break out my DSLR before the moon vanished completely from view.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a supermoon, but the first time I’ve ever witnessed a lunar eclipse, and it was rather impressive.

So, with no camera stand, no zoom lens and certainly no steady hand, it’s certainly recognisable as some kind of moon, right?

Supermoon Eclipse, 27th September 2015
Supermoon Eclipse, 27th September 2015

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some far superior photos of the eclipse taken by others, and of course we awoke to the amazing news this morning that Mars has running water on it, so it’s been a good couple of days for space.

Edit: Bonus photo from the night before of the moon being more of a sensible moon:

Boring Moon
Boring Moon

Edit 2: This just blew my mind. After making a semi-tongue-in-cheek tweet the other day about “wouldn’t it be cool if they had a camera on the moon to photograph Earth during the eclipse?”… well… it turns out they kind of did. So, it’s CGI, but it’s still amazing.

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