Waiting for Beck

Beck's Feet
Beck’s Feet

Beck promised us a new album. Beck lied, but Beck is still awesome and we forgive him.

Well OK, he didn’t really lie, he’s just taking his time to perfect it and get real paid. In the meantime he’s released a bunch of singles, none of which we know for sure will be on the new album.

Three were released prior to the outstanding Morning Phase (“Gimme”, “I Won’t be Long” and “Defreinded”) because he felt they didn’t fit into any of the albums he was working on. We’ve also had “Dreams” and “Wow” which we suppose will be on the new album, but who lord only knows where it’s at.

On top of that, three previously unheard (or at least partially unheard) tracks have surfaced. One from the game Fifa ’17 named “Up All Night” and a couple from the D. J. Caruso film “I Am Number Four”.

There was also Beck’s stand-alone song “Heaven’s Ladder” from Song Reader which is in a different vein to these other singles.

Since we don’t have a new album, we can but imagine what it might sound like by putting these tracks together into an ad-hoc EP:

  1. Wow [iTunes]
  2. Curfew (from “I Am Number Four”) [DropBox]
  3. Untitled Instrumental (from “I Am Number Four”) [DropBox]
  4. Up All Night (from FIFA ’17)
  5. Dreams [iTunes]
  6. Gimme [iTunes]
  7. I Won’t Be Long [iTunes]
  8. Defriended [iTunes]

I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to track down Up All Night for themselves. It’s out there somewhere in the information.

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