Looking Down on Sainte-Catherine

Our company's Montreal branch moved to a new office on Rue Sainte-Catherine last week.It's a great location, and although we won't have the spectacular views afforded to some of the surrounding skyscrapers, our new 10th floor home does provide a nice vantage point of the world.The cross atop the MountainThe KPMG TowerLooking West down Sainte-CatherineFlags... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Tmux Widget?

BatteryDan is a widget that shows you whether or not your Mac is plugged, as well as the battery percentage. It's is the perfect companion to¬†WeatherDan.Given the wild success of the last widget I wrote for tmux (I think one person is using it aside from myself?), I thought I'd write another one. I think... Continue Reading →

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