10 New Things I Discovered when Building a Virtual DNS Server

Ah, the traditional bank holiday weekend project. Fix the shed, paint the bedroom or build a virtual DNS server. I was inspired by Brian Christner’s post “How a Single Raspberry Pi made my Home Network Faster”. In his case, he used a physical Raspberry Pi and Docker. I considered the same approach, but in the... Continue Reading →

Crontabs Demystified

Crontabs are a great way of scheduling tasks. The crontab command itself is pretty straight forward. In its basic usage, you can do: crontab -l - List existing crontabs crontab -e - Edit crontabs crontab -r - Remove all crontabs crontab -i - Same as -r, but with a warning prompt Notice how e and... Continue Reading →


In this article, you'll find a quick rundown of what Markdown is, why you'd want to use it and how to use it. What is Markdown? In 2004, John Gruber developed simpler way of writing web pages that didn't involve resorting to HTML. He set out to create a new markup language with the simplicity... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Strikes Again!

Never have my feelings towards JavaScript been summed up better than by this single photo:   Case and point, I was attempting to make use of JavaScript’s getDay() to obtain a numerical value for the day of the week. Here’s what I get using the command line JSC: >>> (new Date()).getDay(); // Right now it's... Continue Reading →

Apache on a Mac Using Docker

In this short article I’m going to show you how to setup Apache on macOS using Docker. Why use Docker? macOS includes a build in Apache server, but whereas in days’ past you could easily enable it with a simple checkbox, nowadays you need a bit of Apache knowledge to activate it. I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

IFS and Z-Shell

Nothing inspires a short blog writing like the “Eureka!” moment you get when something which was evading you clicks into place. I’ve been using Z-Shell for a while now as my primary shell of choice. However, I usually write my shell scripts in Bash. Occasionally I come across a situation where I have a shell... Continue Reading →

iOS Springboard Customisation

It's always fun to try and hack iOS' interface without being able to jailbreak. For example, can you do this with your home screen? Well, with a bit of command line magic you now can.

Using Hazel to Isolate Unused Apps

One thing I like to do periodically is clear out old apps I never use. Thanks to Hazel, we can automate the tagging of apps that haven't been used in a while. This makes it easier to see which apps we might want to uninstall from our system. We can achieve this by applying 3 rules... Continue Reading →

Workflow as a Bandage for Another App

Yes, I'm still raving about Workflow. As a testimony to its flexibility, I was able to use it fix some missing functionality in Stache, another app I've recently discovered. The problem is that Stache is meant to provide a share sheet extension to store the current web page. For some reason, this works in Safari, and even... Continue Reading →

Yosemite App Store Connection Issues Over WiFi

Yesterday, I noticed my Mac wasn't connecting to the App Store. I couldn't log in, and my attempts met with a "Connection Failed" error. All the tabs produced blank pages. Even running Software Update from the command line was failing: $ softwareupdate -vl Software Update Tool Copyright 2002-2012 Apple Inc. Finding available software The network... Continue Reading →

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