Montreal’s Fastest Transit?

This year, and also in 2019, Montreal piloted a boat service from its Old Port in the city centre out to Pointe-aux-Trembles in the East of the island. Coming from London where we have a similar service along the Thames, it made me think about how the river here in Montreal is an underused transit... Continue Reading →

State of the iPhone 2021

Introduction I started writing this blog post months ago, with the intention of getting it finished in time for Apple’s next iPhone event, which it now happens is in a few days. In this post, I wanted to reflect on the experience of upgrading to Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone (at time of writing) and... Continue Reading →

iOS 14

It's here! Now we all have iOS 14 on our devices (albeit quite suddenly) and as a follow-up from my ramblings back in July on the state of the iOS Jailbreak scene, I wanted to look back and see if my wish-list for this release was fulfilled. Also, I want to answer the following question: Do... Continue Reading →


Much of the North West of this continent was hit by a snowstorm last night. Montreal is no stranger to snow, but even this mighty city can grind to a halt until the snow clearing efforts have a chance to get underway. It must have been big, as Montreal's comedy mayor was recommending people to... Continue Reading →

The Magic Apple Box

From this article published in Motherboard, it really drives home the levels of paranoid secrecy Apple will go to: If you take a phone with a cracked screen to the Apple Store, the Geniuses there don't have to swap the button from your old screen to the new one. According to one current and two... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Beck

Beck promised us a new album. Beck lied, but Beck is still awesome and we forgive him. Well OK, he didn’t really lie, he’s just taking his time to perfect it and get real paid. In the meantime he’s released a bunch of singles, none of which we know for sure will be on the... Continue Reading →

Mario Maker: World 1-1?

I had lofty plans for my time off over Christmas, but in the end I mostly played Mario Maker on my 3DS, turning my hand to some fledgling level design. By the way, having missed the Wii U version, I’m rating this as one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played on a Nintendo handheld... Continue Reading →

Time Machine is Broken

If you’ve got one or more Macs backing up to Time Machine via WiFi, how many times have you seen this? Backing up is the essential activity to protect the integrity of your data, so how did Apple’s famed backup technology become so unreliable? Allow me to regale you with a short history lesson, and... Continue Reading →

The Green Alleyways

If you want peace and greenery round these parts, you only need to take a wander through the endless labyrinths of back alleys, which have been taken over by local residents to make beautiful public spaces. Photos were taken on my trusty iPhone 5S using Camera+. Edited on the same device, using Camera+ and Snapseed.

Up Above the Streets and Houses

I don’t think I’ve made any great secret on this blog about my affection for Montreal. I also love a good view, and Montreal is full of vantage points to take in a panoramic eyefull. Spending a year living in the City’s West End, my apartment afforded a pretty nice perspective on the Downtown core and... Continue Reading →

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