Workflow as a Bandage for Another App

Yes, I'm still raving about Workflow. As a testimony to its flexibility, I was able to use it fix some missing functionality in Stache, another app I've recently discovered. The problem is that Stache is meant to provide a share sheet extension to store the current web page. For some reason, this works in Safari, and even... Continue Reading →

Yosemite App Store Connection Issues Over WiFi

Yesterday, I noticed my Mac wasn't connecting to the App Store. I couldn't log in, and my attempts met with a "Connection Failed" error. All the tabs produced blank pages. Even running Software Update from the command line was failing: $ softwareupdate -vl Software Update Tool Copyright 2002-2012 Apple Inc. Finding available software The network... Continue Reading →

On Breaking Nintendo’s Region Locking

Being an expat is sometimes weird. Your life bridges two worlds, and nowhere is this more annoying than in the area of region locking. It's irritating enough that most of my DVDs are from the UK, and don't like North American devices. But my real bugbear these days has been with Nintendo. My Nintendo 3DS... Continue Reading →

The Immortal Jailbreak Tweak

OK, so perhaps it might be a little overdramatic to title this post The Immortal Jailbreak Tweak. Such a thing would be a gift from heaven for the jailbreak scene. What I'm actually about to talk about is probably better described as a jailbreak artefact, but it's extremely weird nonetheless. What do I mean by... Continue Reading →

Internet on the Métro

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has been touting their new subterranean cellphone signal. Officially launched on the Green Line now, there's limited unofficial coverage on the Orange Line as well. Here's how my own milage varied on the Green Line (please excuse the choppy excuse for an infographic!):   And the Orange Line:... Continue Reading →

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