Come For the Songs; Stay for The Production – An Introduction to Thom Yorke

With his new album Anima released earlier this year, it seems like the right time to do a quick retrospective on the Radiohead frontman’s enigmatic solo career. Yorke’s solo material can be hard to approach, so to that end, I’ve put together a commented and curated compilation of 12 tracks covering his career as a... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Beck

Beck promised us a new album. Beck lied, but Beck is still awesome and we forgive him. Well OK, he didn’t really lie, he’s just taking his time to perfect it and get real paid. In the meantime he’s released a bunch of singles, none of which we know for sure will be on the... Continue Reading →

King of Limbs v1.2?

It’d been almost 5 years since Radiohead suddenly released their King of Limbs LP online. It was even accompanied by a free newspaper if you happened to be outside the right record shop at the right time, as well as a tonne of merchandise for those buying the physical copy. As a Radiohead fan, I’d... Continue Reading →

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